Eco Villages are one of the many  plans people have come up with to transform our reality into one of self worth instead of self gain. But how do we make these plans go viral in the quickest way possible?

a resourced based society
is The answer to working less and having more

Work Less Have More is in contribution with the dot com by the same name. Here at dot Info, we focus on the information that will get all of us into the paradigm of Working Less and Having More.
Interested people will learn in the UBUNTU video above how WORKING TOGETHER and SHARING eventually gives us only a 3 hour work week!

Everyone will be able to WORK LESS and HAVE MORE, in far less time when we all work together at implementing the One Small Town Plan, no matter which R.B.S. your involved with or are just learning about it, Implementing the one small town PLAN, compared to some more complex plans, will  accelerate the growth and visibility of R.B.S. exponentially which will make it much easier to manifest the more complex R.B.S. visions. Implementing One Small Town first will be the grease that will excel all the other great Visions to take off with the wind beneath their wings. This is the grass roots plan that will make it so much easier for the more complex plans to flourish.

If you have not yet read UBUNTU CONTRIBUTIONISM, what are you waiting for? You can get a copy here by calling or leaving your contact information on the CONTACT US page.  Work Less Have More dot info want's to focus on the PLAN that is going to bring the vision to life.

The meaning of the UBUNTU philosophy is, If it's not good for everyone, it's no good.
So check out the PLAN that when implemented, we can all WORK LESS and HAVE MORE

the plan to help all plans

consider the possibilities

WE need a paradigm shift

Capitalism seemingly has been our best way for prosperity so far. but listen to how capitalism has failed us as told by Sustainable Human's

In this video, Michael Tellinger explain's how we use money to devour capitalism by way of contributionism, thereby creating abundance for all. NO ONE LEFT BEHIND.


More Than Just Talk of R.B.S. We Have The Plan To Get There

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We have a solution For all our economic woes'

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